FELiChEM passed the Interim Inspection Successfully

On January 19, 2017, the interim inspection meeting for “Tunable Infrared Laser for Fundamentals of Energy Chemistry” (FELiChEM), a National Major Research Instruments developing project, organized by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) was held in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The purpose of this interim inspection is to evaluate the progresses and potential problems, and further promote the implementation of FELiChEM project through proper adjustment of sub-projects, funding, personnel, future research contents, and active management.

The inspection panel consists of 12 experts, leading by Prof. CHEN Yongjun, the executive vice director of Chemistry Department of NSFC, and Prof. CHAI Zhifang, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The members of management group, supervision group, leaders from related institutes, and FELiChEM team members attended this meeting.

The interim inspection was carried out with on-spot inspection and assessment conference. Prof. SUN Shigang, head of the FELiChEM project, and other team members thoroughly presented the achievements, funding, problems, improvement measures and the future work plans. The inspection panel carefully reviewed the performance of the project and the engineering of the FEL facilities.

The inspection panel agreed that the FELiChEM project fulfilled its goal for the first three years. The development of the IR-FEL facilities and research stations (photo-detection, photo-dissociation, and photo-excitation) was successfully advanced. The construction program of the experimental devices had been confirmed and implemented. The funding process is proper and consistent with the progress of the project.

The experts ask the FELiChEM team to work together on fixed assets transfer, human resource, funds and risk control of the research stations, and to complete the development of FELiChEM project with high standards in accordance with the new time-table.

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